Real Estate Litigation


For most Floridians, their home is the most significant asset they will own in their lifetime. When that home is at risk and you need an aggressive attorney to defend your property, you can trust Torrens Law Group, P.A. 

Whether someone is claiming an ownership interest in your home, trying to record a bogus lien against your home, or your home is at risk in any other way, we have the experience to go to court and protect your property.

At our firm, we represent homeowners in real estate litigation, including partition actions, foreclosure defense representation, equitable lien litigation, construction lien litigation, lien priority litigation, and mortgage loan litigation.

We have tried real estate cases to verdict and reached favorable settlements in many other cases. We are creative, aggressive courtroom advocates and are also adept at outside-the-box solutions for unusual real estate challenges. 

Whether you want to fight your case to trial or resolve the matter quickly, at our firm, we narrowly tailor our strategy to achieve your objectives.

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