Foreclosure Defense

Foreclosure Defense

If you are seeking to defend yourself against a Foreclosure Action, please reach out to our law firm. Here at Torrens Law Group, P.A. we zealously represent homeowners in foreclosure by asserting legal defenses on your behalf and forcing the lender to prove its case.


Foreclosure Defense Litigation

At our firm we engage in foreclosure defense litigation to protect your interests and at the same time, try to achieve a resolution of the case that works for you.


Mortgage Modifications

Loan modification offers several benefits for the homeowner. The most important benefit is that, if approved, you can avoid a foreclosure on your property.

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Loan Reinstatements

A reinstatement is when you pay the past due balance to the bank. At any point, after you fall behind on payments, you have the right to request and receive a reinstatement quote from the bank.


Cash for Keys

A “cash for keys” deal is when you work out a deal with the bank where you give up your home in exchange for a cash payment for relocation assistance, a release from the mortgage debt, and an extension of time in which to move.


Short Sale

A short sale is when you sell your home and the bank agrees to accept an amount that is less than the total amount due on the note and mortgage, hence the name “short sale.”


Deed-in-lieu of Foreclosure

A deed-in-lieu can be a great option if you want to walk away from your property and reduce or eliminate your liabilities. A deed-in-lieu is only an option if you do not have any junior liens.

If you have been served with a Foreclosure Complaint, it is very important that you submit a response within the provided 20 days. If you do not, the lender will obtain a default against you. Which defenses you assert depends on the facts of your particular case, and many defenses are considered waived if not asserted in your response. This is why it is very important to meet with a competent foreclosure defense attorney. There are also other defense tactics that a competent attorney may be able to assert on your behalf, such as filing a Motion to Dismiss if the lender’s foreclosure action contains fatal flaws.

It is also important for homeowners to remember that if you are attempting to obtain a loan modification, the lender may very well come through and attempt to foreclose on your home during the process. Many homeowners have been under the mistaken impression that since they are trying to work it all out with the bank, that the bank will not begin foreclosure proceedings. Even if you are currently in the process of attempting to obtain a loan modification, if you are served with a foreclosure lawsuit, you still must respond to the lawsuit and assert your legal defenses.

There are many different factors to consider in a foreclosure defense case, and much of it depends on the particular goals of the client. Here at Torrens Law Group, P.A., we listen to you explain your goals and we then adopt a legal strategy that will best help to achieve those objectives.

We are here for you at Torrens Law Group, P.A. If you are looking for a strong defense against a foreclosure action, please contact us at 813-260-4883 to speak with a foreclosure defense attorney today. Help is only a phone call away. Payment plans available.