Practice Areas

Practice Areas

At Torrens Law Group, P.A., our practice is focused on representing Florida’s consumers. From representing homeowners facing mortgage foreclosure to claims against banks and abusive debt collectors, we are very proud of our vigorous representation of Florida’s consumers.


Foreclosure Defense

Here at Torrens Law Group, P.A. we zealously represent homeowners in foreclosure by asserting legal defenses on your behalf and forcing the lender to prove its case.


Civil Litigation

In a perfect world, all of our civil disputes would be resolved through discussion and negotiation, without the need for involvement of the court system.


Illegal Debt Collection

With the economic collapse, the issue of creditor harassment has truly come to the forefront. Many consumers were forced to fall behind on their bills due to job loss and general economic hardship.


Real Estate Law and Closings

At Torrens Law Group, P.A., we understand Florida law and the repercussions our laws can have on your life and finances.

Estate Planning

Estate Planning

You don’t want to leave the future of your estate up to chance. Let us help in giving you the maximum peace of mind.