The other day I listened to an inspiring podcast interview and felt compelled to share about it.

It was Tim Ferriss’s recent interview with Rich Roll, a former attorney turned endurance athlete extraordinaire. While the entire interview was interesting, the most powerful part and the part I’d like to share about is the discussion of alcohol addiction and recovery.

There are a lot of common elements between my recovery journey and that of Rich Roll. We both fell into serious alcohol addiction in our late twenties and were blessed with the gift of recovery at 31. Like me, he was a practicing attorney. He also likes to run a lot, but is apparently A LOT better at it than I am. He has made 12 step an important part of his recovery as have I.

In the interview, Roll shares openly about what a mess his life was when he was in active addiction. He talks about waking up and not remembering where his car was, his two DUIs, and plenty of other tales from his drinking career. Finally, he hit rock bottom, entered in-patient treatment, and started to pull his life together.

After he got sober, Roll returned to a big, prominent law firm he had been working at. When he was close to 40 years old, he was walking up a flight of stairs and realized that he could barely breathe. While he was sober at the time, he had poor eating and exercise habits combined with an undue amount of stress. At that time, he decided to turn his life around and start really focusing on his health and fitness. Well, that would be an understatement. He quit practicing law. He ended up becoming a highly successful endurance runner and became the first vegan to complete the 320-mile endurance event called the Ultraman. He has also been voted by Men’s Fitness magazine as one of the 25 fittest men in the world. How about that for a change?

Roll is a shining example of how we can all turn our lives around if we have the determination to do so.

He also shows us that we all have a purpose here and sometimes we have to travel along a winding, uncertain road until we finally figure out what that purpose is. Once you figure that out, embrace it with all you’ve got.

CLICK HERE to watch to the interview. I promise you won’t be disappointed.


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Ryan C. Torrens

Consumer Advocate