On Monday, we go live with our firm’s first television ad. I have never had much desire to go up on tv with an ad. We have decided to pivot, though, because we are heading for a wave of foreclosures stemming from the pandemic. The federal ban on foreclosures is lapsing at the end of this month, meaning that banks will be allowed to move forward with foreclosure cases.

Many folks in foreclosure have no idea that they have rights too and can fight to save their home. I believe that getting this message to all homeowners is a critical part of our firm’s mission, especially at times like this. Television can be an effective way to quickly get the message out to many homeowners.

With that said, we will always strive to back up the ad with the most effective representation possible. Some have said that true happiness is when your actions match up with your values. One of my values is that I believe strongly that our homeowners in foreclosure are entitled to the same level of legal representation as the biggest banks. Otherwise, how can our homeowners get equal access to justice if the deck is stacked against them?

At our firm, we are proud of the representation we provide and the battles we lead for our clients. If the bank does not offer a reasonable settlement and the client has a good defense, we will try the case without a flinch. That’s what real lawyers do, after all.

Lawyers who advertise on tv have a bad rap and often this is well-deserved because their actions don’t match up with the promises made in the ads.

We will do things differently.

It is important to get the message out, but at our firm we will always believe that actions speak louder than words. At the end of the day, we will be judged by the effectiveness of the representation we provide to our clients. We work every day to be the best and, with every day that goes by, we get a little bit better.

Click here to check out our first tv ad. You can check out my bio on our website to see a sample of some of our court wins. Again, actions speak louder than words.

Thanks for reading.

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Ryan C. Torrens

Consumer litigation attorney