At our law firm, we often receive questions about how long money judgments are good for

To be clear, if a person or company claims you owe them money and they sue you and win, the judge will enter a judgment against you. This important document amounts to an official court declaration that you owe the money. Often, attorney’s fees will be included in the judgment amount and judgments will incur interest for the life of the judgment.

If a judgment has been entered against you, do not ignore it. A money judgment permits the judgment holder to obtain your financial information such as tax returns and bank account statements. They may also be able to seize the money in your bank account for up to 25 percent of your wages until the judgment is paid.

So how long does a judgment last for?

The answer: 20 years. At the 20-year mark, the judgment holder also has the right to renew the judgment, though this does not happen that often.

If a judgment has been entered against you and the judgment is less than 20 years old, do not sit back and ignore it.

Often, the judgment holder will sit back and wait until the iron is hot to strike. You could wake up to a rude awakening one payday when you find out that your bank account is frozen or your wages are being garnished.

Always try to resolve these matters before it’s too late!


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Ryan Torrens

Consumer litigation attorney